Asset Inspection

Kraken uses it’s Terrestrial, Underwater, and Aerial imagery capabilities in a myriad of ways.  We use these technologies to create a tangible visual record of our client’s existing or potential property.  Asset Inspection and Verification is used as a way to:

  • Efficiently plan for repairs or maintenance
  • Give you insight into whether or not should purchase a property or piece of equipment
  • Confirm that an asset is at a location in the condition it’s suppose to be in

Kraken works with your staff to collect only the data you need.  Saving you vital time and money.  One of our tools are our unmanned aerial systems. They provide a number of substantial improvements over traditional inspection methods, including benefits to safety, efficiency and data quality.  Commercial clients usually own, manage, and maintain a vast array of infrastructure.  To prevent faults, service interruptions and significant accidents and damage, assets must be regularly inspected to detect any issues as early as possible. This is increasingly vital as infrastructure ages.

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Cost and Safety

Inspecting assets manually is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that comprises a significant percentage of a company’s operating costs each year. In some cases, manual inspection of certain assets can also be dangerous.  We’ve provided high definition and thermal inspection services for bridges, spillways, high rise buildings, aquifers, and much more.  We specialize in locating structural anomalies such as:

  • Cracking
  • Shifting
  • Chipping
  • Surface degradation
  • Weed encroachment

These type of “pre-inspections” we conduct can save an enormous amount of time and money by eliminating the need for detailed hands-on inspections of an entire structure or property.  There is also a substantial safety improvement and liability reduction realized by preventing staff from being in direct contact with known hazards. Having your staff working at heights, working with or near high voltage assets, biological hazards and large bodies of water are accidents waiting to happen. Utilizing our services means your staff can stay at a safe distance, reducing the likelihood of injury.


Kraken’s drones offer higher quality images and more usable data.  Drone footage is also highly accurate and can be presented in a variety of formats to maximise functionality.

  • Our video cameras record at above 4K High Definition Resolution
  • Digital photographs can be up to 50 Megapixels (50 Million Pixels)
  • Thermal imaging and all of our video and photo
  • All images and video spatially tagged and GPS encoded for integration into your GIS system
  • We store all data offsite for later size and dimension comparisons of anomalies on subsequent inspections to detect and measure any changes that may have occurred.

Choosing the Right Drone Operator

Kraken’s operators are some of the most technically skilled in the business.

  • Our operators will consult with your staff and ensure that we can confidently fly the UAV in the intended location.
  • Ensure that we have a proper construction site induction and permit to work, and address any other safety issues that UAV operators would need to be able to conduct operations at our sites.
  • We take a series of test videos and photographs to ensure that your staff will be able to extract the data they need from our product.
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