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Family & Legacy

Children, Family, and Legacy

Portraits are inspiring visual record of the growth of your Family.  Family pictures are especially important as new additions are welcomed, kids grow up, or everyone is home for a visit after they’ve finally left the nest. Extended family photos can be a lovely way to include grandparents, aunts and uncles and others in the family photo album.

Quality family photography produces long-lasting reminders of the loved ones with whom you’ve shared your life.

We get out of the studio and come directly to you.  We believe the setting and composition of your family photos should be in an environment that reflects your family’s spirit.  No matter the composition, Kraken will ensure it exudes pride, legacy, and several generations of love.

Capture all that makes them special to you.

Family Videos

The days of your dad pulling out the embarrassing reel to reel are over.

Kraken produces stunning high definition family videos that save your special moments in a shareable format with vibrant color and professional sound.

Going on vacation or have a dream trip you want captured?  We’ll travel with you or meet you there…

We shoot locally or can accompany you on vacation and document your trip of a lifetime.  Enjoy the scenery, your company, and yourself while letting us worry about making sure you’ve captured it all. Having a professional photographer shooting photos and video from vantages that you’d never be able to is priceless.  Check our Destination Page for more information on memorializing your trip while still be able to enjoy every second of it.