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Photography and Portraiture

We use photography and videography to mainly to support our web development efforts. We also start projects solely based on capturing images for our customers. We are in the business of showcasing your humanity and the things that exemplify you.


We travel everywhere from the beach to the boardroom. We can set up a professional shoot almost anywhere.


We'll accompany you to "candid" locations that you feel embody your personality. We'll unintrusively capture the scenes needed for your project.


If a studio session is more your flavor, contact us with your project and we can discuss how we can work together to accomplish your "look".

We do everything from start to finish at a reasonable price. We have experience in a wide range of formats and styles but depending on your needs we always ensure we can fulfill your request. The possibilities are endless and we can create "your" look using either still images, video, or both.

We take a clear understanding of your expectations and set our bar substantially beyond that.

Kraken Media

At Kraken we are very flexible but excel at "Modern Portraiture". When doing portraiture work, the format and style are very important. Contact us and we can discuss what you're wanting to achieve.

Is your style more photojournalistic, classical, whimsical or romantic?

Let us know what you have in mind.

Kraken Media