Weddings and Couples

Kraken makes the creative possibilities of capturing your wedding practically limitless. From photojournalistic shots of the ceremony and reception to cinematic masterpieces complete with Hollywood-style editing and effects.

Timeless Memories

Long after the wedding cake is eaten, your wedding photo albums and wedding video will be the way you revisit some of the best moments of your wedding day. The wedding photo album and wedding video will become keepsakes to be passed down to your children and even grandchildren one day.

Quality and Value

We provide high-end professional photography and digital services that are second to none. While some of our clients have a "price is no object" mentality we understand this is not the norm. We will consult with you and promise to provide the best service and most value within the budget you've set.

The Kraken difference is in the extreme care we take.

We spend almost 70% more time on your project than traditional photographers. No matter the size of your wedding we try to ensure that we capture the story behind your nuptials.

We spend almost 50% more time on post production "polishing" images to ensure everything from the perspective to the cast of the lighting is perfect.

You get a copy of all the photos that were taken. Period. It's your wedding you own the images. This seems like an obvious point of contention but most photographers don't give their clients the original digital photos or they charge an additional fee to do so.

We spend almost 50% more preparation. A wedding is filled with moments we only have one chance to capture so we bring backups for our backups ensuring that we won't miss a shot.

Every Kraken photographer is considered an artist and has honed his/her creative eye for years in this business. Let us make a masterpiece with you.

You can choose "all of the options" below or "pick and choose" which options fit your vision and your budget. We will do everything possible to accommodate you and will advise you along the way. This is our process in handling your special day, take a look at your options:

The Announcement Website - This website will be the information center for your ceremony. The website is created prior to your invitations being mailed so the personalized web address can be printed on them. Your guest will have a centralized place to find all of the pertinent dates, arrangements, announcements, and where you've registered. Your guest will also be able to view all of our professional photos as well as submit candid photos they've taken with their own cameras and smartphones during the ceremony and reception.

We'll provide you with a guide of all "must-take" shots and show you a variety of the hottest wedding photography trends.

Engagement Photos - This is usually where the process begins. The turn around time on these photos is very quick and we can have the photos to you in as little as 48 hours if needed. A lot of couples use their engagement photos in other wedding details like wedding photo books, save-the-dates, etc.. The engagement photo session can be as traditional or creative as you'd like. This shoot is meant to be a fun, happy time to showcase your personality as a couple.

The Pre or Post Wedding Shoot - This is the "candid" or creative photo shoot where you the see the bride in and groom in the clothing they're wearing during the wedding ceremony. Depending on they on the couples tolerance to having the groom see the bride in her dress prior to the wedding, we can do this session the day before the wedding and spend more time on these photos. We can also do this session right after the wedding but will be restricted by any plans you may have following the ceremony. We will work with you to ensure the look you want given the logistics.

*Wedding Day* - We have the capability of recording High Definition 4K video, photographing the event, or doing both. You decide how you want us to capture the moment. We attend the reception and we also capture footage of the bride and groom preparing for the ceremony to create a Cinematic Wedding Video which tells the story leading up to the nuptials.

Post Production - While you're on your honeymoon we'll be editing and perfecting your wedding video and photos. We welcome you to send us photos while you're away which we can include in your video. We will also provide you with an action camera that you can take anywhere to capture even more.

The Finish - We provide you with a film quality wedding video and your wedding photos. We also provide prints and gallery quality portraits for your home.