We provide coverage that conveys, connects, and converts your base.

Whether you want to produce weekly online content for social media or produce a broadcast quality commercial, we have the experience and equipment to make it happen.  Set yourself apart and make a lasting impression on your base.

Convey your message.  Video allows your audience to see YOU.
Connect with your viewers.  People want to experience your journey.
Convert.  Voters are 74% more likely to vote for a candidate they’ve seen.


Small Business Development


Online Content


Cinema Cameras
Full Film Grip
Professional Lighting
Professional Photo

Markets Served

Central Florida
Lakewood Ranch
St. Petersburg
Travel by Request*

1. Background

Convey the authenticity and passion you have for the community you want to serve.  Translate your passion into the foundation for the tenets of your campaign.

2. Identifying Pillars

People want to know why you’re running for office.  Establish why you’re the best person for the job.  Give your base a visual representation of your beliefs.

3. The Journey

Winning is the just the first of many hurdles a candidate will face.  You’ve earned the votes now continue to cement that trust by showing your journey.  Your job will be a lot easier if the community connects with your struggle and sees you as “human” that they can connect with to address the issues they face.

Have Questions? Let’s get started…

Contact us to discuss how we can create a unique solution for your organization.  We’ve worked individuals and large business to streamline their video, live streaming, and marketing needs.  Click the link below or email us directly at developer@krakenusa.com.