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Photography & Videography

Kraken Media is a digital development company that creates compelling online personas for our clients.  Our world has evolved into one that creativity, stunning images, and breathtaking visuals are essential to our work.  Given our need to support our online efforts, we evolved into a company staffed with professionals able to provide photo and film services for almost any industry or event.  


Award-winning photographers with decades of experience.

Location Shoots
Travel Photography
Product Photography
Stock Photos


Our creativity is endless so if you have a project, we’d like to work on it.

Corporate Videos
Small Productions
Large Production Support
Stock Footage

Web Promotions

Video posted to the internet are by far the most important form of video marketing a company can do.  The days of having stagnant content are over.  Consumers and audiences in general “expect” to see the visual interpretation of your brand, image, or message somewhere online. We make sure that your message isn’t getting lost amongst the sea of other competitors out there.


Documentaries can be a compelling way to tell a more in-depth story.  Documentaries have to do more than just give facts to be successful. They need to be engaging and creative or people won’t watch them and you will have wasted your time and money.  We help you create a storyboard or timeline of the story you want to tell.  We then find the most compelling and creative way to tell that story.

Music Videos

Music videos are another way of storytelling that you as an artist hopes will emotionally engage your listeners.  Emotionally engaging an audience all depends on the message of the song and how it is portrayed.  We are here to help artists from around the world to gain more fans, sell more digital downloads, and book more shows.


Corporate/Brand Films

Brand films include corporate vision films, marketing, motivation, point of sales communications and business-to-business sales tools—distributed through film, DVD, Internet or television.

Brand films can educate, inspire and motivate. They help shape your future by influencing corporate partners, developers, consumers, and the media. They help employees and vendors worldwide see how the work they are doing is changing the world in which we live. Brand films help make all your sales reps, your best sales rep. They are used to introduce new products and to build brands. They communicate core brand values. They develop loyalty by giving your investors and customers a choice in how they interact with your company while you control the communications channel.
We do everything from start to finish at a reasonable price. We have experience in a wide range of formats and styles but depending on your needs we always ensure we can fulfill your request. The possibilities are endless and we can create “your” look using either still images, video, or both.
We take a clear understanding of your expectations and set our bar substantially beyond that.

Quality. Ownership. Creativity

Our job isn’t complete until our clients are happy.  We believe in taking ownership of every aspect of our customer experience.  We also provide the highest level of professional quality for every service we offer with a start to finish model of pricing to fit almost any budget.

We believe quality and mind-blowing creativity are obtainable at every level.

Kraken Media

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We’d love to help you with your project.  We can help you conceptualize your ideas and come up with a web presence, film, or digital canvass that meets and exceeds your wildest expectations.