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Our strategy is to create a wrap around visual experience that translates from your digital presence to real work products. Establishing a branding foundation for your company allows your message to be broadcast across multiple mediums with minimal effort. Kraken is unique branding from web, print, to broadcast.


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Your the expert in your field. People come to you because you’re the authority on what you do. Kraken is a premiere marketing firm that specializes in taking your everyday grind and infusing it with passion. We know how to get your audience to see your business the way you see it. If you want your visitors to take ownership and build a loyalty to your brand, use a pros at Kraken.

Our external design advisory board, consisting of 24 experts plays a crucial role in assisting us in creating a compelling presence that will draw attention and convert visitors. We rely on social and “primal” human inclinations to sculpt our color, design, and presentation choices for your product or service.


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